This entry explains how to contact me. A separate post describes my background. I cannot guarantee I will reply right away, but I do try to read every email that comes to my inbox. Note that bogus "I want to write a guest post for your blog"/"I have a free infographic for your website" emails will be reported as spam.

Questions should be directed to lamont + (at symbol) + sloan dot mit dot edu.

You can follow my tweets (usually updated daily) at @ilamont.

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  1. Hi Ian, Not sure if my comment went through, so I'm resubmitting it. I have been creating documents in Pages. Unbeknownst to me, they have recently been going to icloud instead of being stored on my mac. If I disable icloud, I may lose the docs I created that got stored on icloud. I can't transfer them to my mac. I tried emailing one from icloud and then opened them in Pages but it saved it in icloud. How can I get these docs transferred from icloud to my mac before I disable icloud? Thanks.


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