Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yahoo's Synced Messages folder

yahoo mail synced messages folder

A few million Yahoo users (including me) got this message in our inboxes this morning, explaining the mysterious "Synced Messages" folder that had been added to our accounts. Here's the explanation we received:

At Yahoo!, ensuring the safety and security of your data is important to us, and we know how critical your email is to you. We recently experienced an issue syncing emails for some of our users when accessing email from an IMAP device like an iPhone or an Android phone. Emails that you might have moved from your inbox to folders (including the trash folder) may have been temporarily unavailable. We fixed this issue, and recovered emails that may not have been synced to the right folder.

This is what you can expect to see:

- We have automatically added a folder called "Synced Messages" to your email account today located in the left navigation of your inbox.

- Our systems identified emails that may have been subject to the syncing issue and added them to the "Synced Messages" folder.

This is what you should do:

- Open the "Synced Messages" folder and move any messages you wish to keep to the inbox or your other personal folders.

- After you move the messages you wish to keep, you can delete the remaining messages in "Synced Messages" folder as well as the folder itself. The "Synced Messages" folder will remain in your account until you delete it.

At Yahoo!, we strive to give you the best email experience possible. We apologize that some email was not synced properly, and please know that this issue has been fixed.

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  1. I found a synced folder with old messages from 2007 thru 2012! Most I had deleted at the time they arrived because they were spam. I don't understand how they got deleted emails from 5 yrs ago to re-appear? I feel like my email account has been violated!


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