I established The Digital Media Machine in 2009 to advance various online and mobile media projects. It first served as a simple blog, but expanded into documenting various academic projects (such as WorldTV) while I attended MIT. I also used it to promote Invantory, the mobile software startup I co-founded in 2011, as well as the ebook brand I created in 2012.

I have a more complete bio on my company's About page (scroll down to read the Founder's Statement). I describe how to follow me online on my personal blog. You can contact me by using the email address on this page.


I use Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, and other affiliate programs on my blogs. Ads and affilate links help recoup domain registration fees and other costs associated with running the websites.

I have small stock holdings in a handful of publicly traded companies, including Apple. For my retirement accounts, I own shares of various mutual funds and ETFs, but do not actively monitor what companies they trade.

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