Thursday, December 15, 2011

Huffington Post traffic shows Chrome on top

Yesterday, one of my other blogs got a traffic spike, thanks to a link at the bottom of this Huffington Post article. It wasn't a lot of visitors (so far, about 120) but what I found remarkable was the breakdown of the browser traffic:
Huffington Post browser stats. Huffpo browser traffic shows chrome on top
Half of the visits were from Chrome users? Safari beating out all flavors of IE by a 3:1 ratio? I see the Huffington Post as a generally tech-savvy crowd (they get their news from blogs, after all) but they are hardly early adopters -- more like early mainstream.

If this is a sign of things to come, watch out Microsoft ...

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  1. HuffPo has bogus traffic: Compete says HuffPo gets FOUR TIMES the unique visitors as the WALL STREET JOURNAL ( ... YEAH RIGHT.

    So I say, the BOTS RUN VIA CHROME AND SAFARI. Perhaps HuffPos is the first to spread a Trojan that ... well, visits HuffPo IN THE BACKGROUND.

    Either way, whether it's "news" or traffic statistics, THERE ARE LIES, DAMN LIES, AND THE HUFFINGTON POST.


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