Friday, May 11, 2012

RadicalFlow's app-creation tool for everyone else

I just backed a pretty neat product on KickStarter. It's a software program called RadicalFlow. I haven't tried it out, but the premise is intriguing: It lets people with little or no development experience design iPad or iPhone apps. This is a huge need in the marketplace, owing to a shortage of engineers and an oversupply of app ideas (both good and bad). I am not clear if the RadicalFlow output is a native iOS app or HTML5 (I'm guessing the latter) but regardless it's pretty cool. The video below has more details:
I put in a little money, and hope they reach their goal.


  1. The output is Native. It can use HTML5 in conjunction, but it's all about native.

    Derek Bronston
    CTO + Founder

  2. Thanks for the clarification Derek.


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