Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to add a sent messages column in Tweetdeck

I'm a heavy Twitter user with multiple accounts. A tool I have been using for several years to manage the accounts and schedule updates is called Tweetdeck. While the design is good and there are lots of customization options, there are a few quirks. One of them is concerns the preset columns that can be added to the main view. While there are columns for direct messages, mentions, all friends and even Twitter lists, there is no easy way to add a sent messages column in Tweetdeck. This is strange, because heavy users often refer back to their own history, or check their stream to make sure a scheduled tweet was sent.

Fortunately, there is a workaround, which takes just a few seconds to set up. Follow these steps:

1) Click the "Add Column" button, which looks like a plus symbol (+) inside a circle at the top of the Tweetdeck browser screen.

2) In the search field (shown in the screenshot below) add the following text:
.... where "*****" is your Twitter handle without the "@" symbol. In my case, I put "from:ilamont", as shown below:

Tweetdeck sent messages

Press the "Search" button, and the column will appear in the right-hand slot.

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  1. HI. Just wanted to say 'thanks' for writing this guide.

    I've been using Hootsuite for years, but recently, I've been having login problems on an almost daily basis. This guide helped me get set up in Tweetdeck in no time :)


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