Thursday, January 21, 2010

When touch screens were still novelties

I was looking through some of our older work at The Standard this afternoon, when I stumbled upon this video that we shot in August 2008, demonstrating Microsoft Surface. It's kind of remarkable that it was just 18 months ago, yet I was so unfamiliar with how touch screens worked. Since then, I've bought an iPod touch and it's become second nature. It's actually reached the point where I expect new mobile devices to have touch screen user interfaces built in, and am surprised when I get no response, such as when I tried out a family member's new Kindle.

I think a lot of other people will be schooled in touch technology in the months to come. But not because of Surface units, which are still rarely seen outside of a few hotels, museums, and tourist information centers. Rather, it's because of the iPhone, iTouch, and soon, the Apple Tablet.

Video: Hands on: Microsoft Surface (Chris Tompkins and Ian Lamont)

Hands on: Microsoft Surface from Chris Tompkins on Vimeo.

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