Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another faked sequence in a phone ad. Is anyone surprised?

The clever folks at The Verge caught Nokia trying to pass off a whopper on its ads for the new Lumia phone. The ad, which promotes the phone's supposed image stabilization features, is short, and The Verge helpfully points out the fakery:

This phone, incidentally, is supposed to save Nokia (and Windows Mobile) from iPhone/Android. It doesn't look too good for Nokia if the technology is being faked.

But hold on. Do users really even care? After seeing so many faked-video-on-mobile-phone ads over the past 10 years, I think most people have been conditioned to lower their expectations because the reality is never as smooth, fast, or crisp as the ads would like us to believe. Verizon Droid ads and some of the Korean manufacturers are especially guilty of exaggerated simulations, but even Apple has been known to lie in its ads.

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